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1. GARMIA offers complete apparel sourcing solutions with offices in Bangladesh, Canada and Hong Kong allowing us to offer an extensive array of products and taking advantage of strengths, skills, and price.

2. GARMIA provide customers with an exceptional and personalized service which results in the most comprehensive sourcing & production service experience with guaranteed quality & competitive pricing. Our motto is to provide our customers with most satisfying & enjoyable experience.

3. GARMIA understands the importance of competitive pricing in today’s competitive market & hence could offer our customers the kind of prices they wish for. We are making this possible with large sourcing power & by using large manufacturing setups to create the benefits of economies of scale.

4. GARMIA with the help of our overseas office enjoys great flexibility in sourcing raw materials & trims at favorable prices.

5. GARMIA believes in keeping our customers up to date with the current & future market trends & to achieve this desire, our professionals travel to all key trade fairs to be abreast of the trends.

6. GARMIA team keeps on sourcing new products & production facilities / factories to offer our customers more capacities & new techniques.